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We are a recycled/up-cycled and educational brand who customizes apparel and handbag accessories to showcase personality in a unique form. With options of curated services to buy, borrow and/or build this trade for oneself, BLAQUE by Design represents the "One of a Kind" appearance in which  allows you to speak who you are without speaking

S u s t a i n a b l e

To protect our beautiful environment, all of our products are maintaining at least 90% sustainable materials creating a long-term balance within our slow fashion society. 

Products are also USA based to ensure clients needs are met from just a few miles away.

Organic Solutions

With the versatility of transforming your personal closets, learning how to upcycle these products and borrowing signature items from the showroom; it helps with customizing ones style for longevity.


Our packaging comes in a minimalist form to avoid extra trash by utilizing dust bags that are made of organic cotton and helps protect the product materials.

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