We are a recycled/up-cycled brand that customizes apparel and handbag accessories to showcase personality in a unique form. With the option of leasing  to buy, BLAQUE by Design represents the "One of a Kind" appearance in which  allows you to speak who you are without speaking

S u s t a i n a b l e

To protect our beautiful environment, all of our bags are produced by maintaining at least 90% sustainable materials creating a long-term balance within our ethical fashion society. 

All of our production is USA based, so we can control working conditions and the production of our sustainable bags to ensure that this is guaranteed.

Organic Solutions

With the versatility of our product it helps with styling a multitude of looks to suit ones values along with providing rentals of our signature bags to make the most of our resources.


We try to use little packaging material so that we do not harm the environment unnecessarily. Packaging with dust bags are made of organic cotton and helps protect materials.