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Updated: May 20

As a child I always was an artistic one, thanks to the awesome family whom I've inherited from. Beginning with coloring, which led me into sketching some of my most favorite characters and then transitioned the idea of art into fashion statements by cutting my own clothes creating a new and vibrant look. From there I knew that designing art in the fashion median was for me. I remember as a teenager shopping different brands with a vision of specific styles and character to certain items, in which would either go left or right field. And in that case, I would be out of luck with seeking particulars.

After a while not only I became bored with wearing the same designers everyone I encountered with but it also became highly expensive for my parents pockets and of course I didn't want to spend the little money I earned working at Wendy's. So once it became a "NO" for me, I began crafting my own product.

Beginning with an off the shoulder bag that I've created from an old pair of my favorite Guess jeans, it only gotten better through time. Enrolling into college studying the skill of sewing, understanding the textile industry, learning the technics of merchandising, studying the business aspect and of course learning the history behind it all. Through it all I've earned my degree in Fashion Design, I've designed collections of 15+ pieces for multiple runway shows, customized occasional designs for the neighbors and special clients who owned boutique stores. Gained the experience in the retail sector and from there began managing merchandise teams for a billion dollar company.

Throughout the journey it has been indeed a

rocky one, and we may never understand how to achieve first hand ideas for building anything, let alone entrepreneurship. In which has allowed me to experience the up's and down's along the way with such inspiration that can never be replaced. From here forward I am looking to make a great outcome by utilizing all the teachings that I've gained over the years and assure myself to be an awesome influence for those that are growing. A well known motto I've always followed is "to keep climbing and to never look down" and its been truly helpful thus far.

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