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Our Reflections can help us make changes

Thank you GOD for granting us another year after such difficulties we all have dealt with at once causing us to analyze our normal everyday lives. If you can agree, lets all say "Ase" to the most high and affirm our gratitude. And since we are finally here within this new year, now what?

I'll say, before diving too deep into New Year's resolutions and creating vision boards I am focusing on sitting still; like real steady, because now would be a great time for reflections on what our 2021 including prior years beforehand has looked like for all of us across the globe. Most reflections of the "old days" would usually show us the multiple lessons that had to be learned. Memories of our greatest times with our loved ones, while also embracing that connection. And most of all, self reflecting on the actions we take within our daily lives simply because "it's just a habit".

Personally I've come to a clear innerstanding that my life experiences has been such a roller coaster effect in both good & bad circumstances, mainly to help me evolve and learn through this process called ADULTING UP. Truthfully I'll never regret any of my life doings because I simply chose to do such things, but "man oh man" during this first month of the new year, season 1 (Winter) I was able to reflect back on some wild & crazy memories throughout my life; however I'll chime into 2021 from a visual perspective.

Here is quick reflection/ view of just a few of the brands everyday merchandise that you can purchase for the family collective. And if you also have an inspiration for starting your own fashion merchandise collection than join the family as well and get started.

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