Reflections can help us make changes

Updated: Mar 1

Thank you GOD for granting us another year after such difficulties we all have dealt with at once causing us to analyze our normal everyday lives. If you can agree, lets all say "Ase" to the most high and affirm our gratitude.

As for the most of us have been thinking that 2021 hasn't gotten here quick enough; So since we are finally here, now what?

I'll say, before diving deep into New Year's resolutions and creating vision boards I am focusing on sitting still; like real steady, because now would be a great time for reflections. Reflections on what 2020 looked like for all of us across the globe; reflections of the years prior that came with many lessons that had to be learned; reflections of our loved ones and how bonding has become super important not only for myself but for many of us; and most of all, self reflections of the actions we take within our daily lives simply because "it's just a habit".

Personally I've come to an understanding that my life experiences has been such a roller coaster effect in all good & bad circumstances, mainly to help me evolve and ADULT UP. Truthfully I don't regret any of it, but "man oh man" was I able to reflect back on some wild & crazy memories. As I conversed with my 9 year old niece during this past Holiday season, she asked questions like: "What was your friend circle like back in school?", "How old were you when you had your first boyfriend?", "Do you still have the same friends today?", "What was college like and what were your grades?" I mean question after question. And as I sat there, I thought "wow" her inquisitiveness reminds me of myself when I was once her age and the only answers I would usually receive were, to be quiet & stop asking questions; sooo I decided to be open and honest with her by sharing what those things were like for me.

I started out by explaining how my circle was pretty small mainly because I was always fighting someone not only to defend myself but my brothers and my friends; I explained how my grades were average because I was always debating with teachers about the curriculum they were teaching... except math, I actually enjoyed learning numbers and challenging myself. Then I eventually mustard up the guts to discuss the time when my first boyfriend came around at 11 years old; I also got into the few childhood friends that I currently communicate with still to this day, and as far as the rest of them: "who knows". All in all we had an extended conversation which made me analyze the things I have outgrown and the experiences I've gained. Along with the struggles I have faced through time and the great opportunities that came behind those struggles. And although I consider myself to be a student for the rest of my days because I truthfully look forward to learning each day; but I have come to understand that the knowledge gained throughout the years are meant to share to those students who aren't familiar, yet consistently learning. Like an old wise man would say, "if you give man a fish he is fed for the day, but if you teach man how to fish then they can eat forever." I guess this Holiday experience has taught me to be open and ok with being that wise old person for the betterment of those who are still growing.

Ms. Blaque

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