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Updated: Mar 9

Do you remember those favorite pair of jeans and/or jacket that you just couldn't get out of your closet for nothing, so help you God? I'm talking about that particular item you would wear almost every other day and not worry about the ware & tear, nor the folks who has seen you with the same thing on every time you "just so happen" to run into them. "Yeah, that one!" Soooo, let me tell you how I even began this sustainable lifestyle of mine in the first place.

Being such a huge fan of Ralph Lauren, I have always been inspired by the patchwork designs & the contrasting mixed colors creating this artsy appearance that speaks uniqueness to the craft. As a unique person, I will never forget back in the late 90's his design team created a messenger bag that was perfect for "Back to School" and I just had to have this bag to walk into my H.S. class with something so different from the norm. So I confronted my mother and said, "hey Ma, this $100 bag is on sale at Macy's for $80 and it can be my book-bag to hold all my essentials for school". As excited I was about getting this new bag, she responded with an unexpected answer; NO and actually meant it. She eventually gave me two options: Either decide on a cheaper bag that was not Ralph Lauren or wear the same Jansport from the year before; Oh how surprised I was with only one week until school began for the Fall. Being the stubborn yet well deserved teen who usually earned the things I wanted, I'd been opposed of her options and had to figure something out for myself; And BOOOM a light bulb idea came about. My favorite pair of Guess jeans that had been worn out and almost thrown in the garbage said something, "save me" and so I did just that.

The inspiration of a RL bag helped me transform my Guess jeans into a Guess bag and became the talk around town, not only causing an amazing discovery of my talent but also a great way to save and spread love to the environment without dumping into it.

One thing I'll take away from this experience will be the answer "No" in which is not always a bad thing when learning lessons. It helps with setting boundaries and may be helpful throughout our long term journey. I recently asked myself, if my mother had bought me that messenger bag, would I be a sustainable designer today?

Check out the Sustainable Portfolio for some of the creative pieces that has been transformed from old product into new.

And if you have a sewing machine that has been stored within your closet for ages, now is the time to learn how to utilize it and join one of the options for Sewing Consultations.

Ms. Blaque

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