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WHY Blaque Turns Green

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Do you remember those favorite pair of jeans and/or jacket that you just couldn't get out of your closet for nothing, so help you God? I'm talking about that particular item you would wear almost every other day and not worry about the ware & tear, nor the folks who has seen you with the same thing on every time you "just so happen" to run into them. "Yeah, that one!" Soooo, let me give you a brief description on how a "POLO" Ralph Lauren bag has inspired me to transform those favorite jeans into the first ever custom made sustainable handbag for one of my H.S. back to school years.

Check out the Sustainable Portfolio for some of the creative pieces that has been transformed from old product into brand new looks.

And if you have a sewing machine that has been stored within your closet for ages, now is the time to learn how to utilize it and join one of the options for Sewing Consultations.

Your Eco-friendly Bag Lady,

Ms. Blaque

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