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As a person whose not a big fan of bugs, this fabric drew my attention after learning more about them. From watching nature on T.V. I took the initiative to do a little research on these creepy like beings and found out how most team up in packs, how some survive on their own and even how they find mates to multiple; in which allowed me to open up more to the idea of insect beings. As I began to study deeper into the many different insects, I eventually stop swatting at them. At least if their not being a neusance.


This 9”x 6” flat zipper pouch is handmade from the finest earth-friendly  cotton and other sustainable materials ensuring its made with love and high vibrations, meanwhile saving the planet. Each pouch is designed with the brands signature handle (a rope &/or chains), along with distressing. 


All custom hand-crafted items are produced within a tiny NYC home that is a smoke free environment and highly ethical as well as fair when it comes to its values. Creations are guarenteed filled with quality, characteristics and might I add some extra LOVE. I am also happy to announce that all pouches are shipped within a dust bag as a second skin to protect item during shipping and also to avoid any free floaters looking to attach itself. 


Elevate your essentials with a one-of-kind sustainable pouch




  • Black
  • Tan
  • Multicolor print
  • Darkwash Denim Blue


A Bugs Life

SKU: 00012
    • Handwash and hang dry 
    • Keep away from high heat as for vinyal may shrivle
    • Store in a cool room temparture as for vinyal attracts moisture
    • 7 day returns on defaults only (if item is torn in the process of shipping)