A white denim material printed with multicolored metallic stripes. And lined with various colors of satin material to complement the metallic colors.


Getting into the NEW norm! At this current time of our lives, we are all being asked to wear mask throughout the USA to protect ourselves as well as others from the spread of CoVid19.


These handcrafted custom face mask stamps an identity of one's lifestyle, giving a little bit of a twist. Not only is it stylish, its made with quality fabrics, its washable and reversible if you would like to show off its beautiful soft lining. This 2-n-1 is not just any face mask its's elastic is created to wrap around the head allowing you to wear it as a headband for whenever you decide to catch a breath of fresh air. Just for the record, make sure you have a great understanding of how to breathe properly through your stomach and not your chest.




  • White Denim
  • Rainbow metalic stripes

Color Me Stripes

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Colors & Prints
    • Handwash and Hang Dry