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Buy, Borrow and Build

What catches your eye to BUY 

With a signature in taking old fabric scraps and recycling it into "on-the-go" products such as handbags and purses, it can certainly cause an eye catching moment from its mix-n-match colors, prints and mixed variety of textiles leaving one with  a guaranteed appearance of love for deep rooted hand made art   

Started from the Bottom

Need to feel things out? BORROW IT

In some circumstances when shopping online many of us are uncertain and find ourselves  

contemplating on how it may look up close, how to wear it, how it makes you feel when worn and where should it be worn. When it comes to borrowing for limited time, it gives you an experience to enjoy custom made products for limited time and returned without any guilt  

When you value craftsmanship, you'll BUILD on it

Plenty of times we go through nostalgic moments to help us embrace our inner child and come to learn that the idea of new activities can add to your DIY list of hobbies. Learn to build a skill that will last you a lifetime, the sustainable way

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