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Going Back to the Basics- "a shirt is just a shirt"

"As someone who is NO rookie in retail or sales, unfortunately you can't sell me shit". In current time "2024" I've decided to go back into something called, "the simple things in life" simply by sticking to the basics. As an 11 year old kid, I probably would've said: "a shirt is just a shirt" and the only way I'd pay $100 for it, is if its actually worthy of $100 (something like qualified). Instead, the courageous little girl in me would cut a bunch of holes in the only shirts I've owned all because I may have felt that they needed some enhancements; along with turning my worn out denim jeans into handbags.

Now back in the days when I was young none of us knew anything about sustainable fashion, let alone how much it can possibly cause damage to our overall health and well being within our environment that we live upon. As a 13 year old kid growing up in some of the most flashy NYC housing developments also known as "the Projects" it can be a lot to handle mentally and emotionally trying to keep up with the Jones's; And no I don't mean Pinky Jones & them scrambling for cheese around the hood, I'm talking "Jerry Jones & them". The mentality we've known was to run rampant, play like we're rich, wear expensive designer products and appear like our bank accounts had value mainly because it made us feel valuable. Now truthfully, it is the perfect way to manifest all the things we may desire for ourselves exactly how the other rich & wealthy folks would do, unfortunately our culture had been shape shifted with smoke screens causing confusion and even triggers to some extent. In most cases, many of us never came to the realization that we were already valuable without the products nor the money at hand and found ourselves doing any & everything to create this reality for ourselves even when it wasn't quite ideal. Personally I knew that I was a different type of kid at 16 years old creating all kinds of new product from old stuff including school bags from old pairs of guess jeans to wear for "Back-to-School", simply because I was inspired by Ralph Lauren.

How about you take a glimpse of my muse here within the online Galleria to see how sustainable fashion has played a huge role in my life; from finding vintage thrifts to creating a great deal of transformations.

Ms. Blaque

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