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Preparation Towards Revival

When its that time to be fully free and present within "the moment" while no longer being bound by any circumstances and simply owning up to the power that creates a new and true reality; What does it actually appear like?

Making the decision to take a leap of faith and fly
Pretty Little Bird

In the words of the infamous Nipsey Hussle, "Its ok to be sad after making the right decision". The unfortunate part is not knowing what the right decision can be, especially when we're not much of a risk taker. That feeling of getting closer can cause a multitude of challenges like frustrations, anxiety, uncontrollable situations and even bring on illusions causing one to trick themselves into not moving forward at all. In most cases we can get to the very end of one lifetime that has served its purpose and be giving two options; one to sacrifice for a new lifetime or stay within the same one we've been living from past lifetimes.

Now in current time 9 months pregnant and here comes a newborn ready to be born dated for the 19th of January, 2024. A brand new mommy to be, one who has never quite mothered a child; at least none from her very own womb yet she is finally giving birth. Not quite prepared for all that's ahead but excited for this new life to enjoy for everlasting time. In combination with her amazing senses and the many stories she has been told about caring and nurturing a baby; it sounds forever so gentle and beautiful to embrace, yet the thought of touching anything so gentle can be nerve wrecking and a bit scary. The idea of this baby breaking into pieces or just distorting any parts of its personal elemental being can be detrimental to her overall health causing a rise of dis-ease. The idea of love being poured from a contaminated kettle makes her wonder if any of it can be purified to avoid dehydration and other harmful acts. The idea of the earths environment filled with many dark clouds will make her wonder if her seeds will ever bloom without much nourishment from the Sun. However, when that moment of HER comes to thought with the quote "like a baby drooling over you", there is this one thing that just won't be tolerated; FUCKING WITH HER BABY. As time gets closer, her heart races giving off the sound of beating drums; yet not a beat of panic. Something like when they say: "don't rush things when life starts to approach you so rapidly"; she takes a moment to breathe, sits steadfastly to feel all of the emotions that are trying to trigger her empathetic heart by implementing thoughts of comfortability and fear to her mind. She listens to the sounds of the wind that encourages her to breathe deeper than she can ever imagine not realizing her belly can hold loads of air, meanwhile providing her brain with a flow of oxygen. She exhales all the doubts, crazy wonders, downgrading emotions and inhales the many forms of gratitude, joy and tranquility all within sets of 3 because the 3rd time is always a charm. With a great innerstanding on placing faith at the very top of her mental capacity, it adds touches of high standards and a great deal of knowing so deep within that something beyond genuine like mother nature will always kick in with signs of bliss. They call it a rebirth, giving her another opportunity to truly live life freely like a golden goose who not only swims deeply but also fly high within the blue sky.

As I embrace being born again, I wink an eye with a big ol' childlike smile and even laugh at the feeling of the past never being quite fair but it was all worth the experience filled with a great deal of efforts, a ton of love, deep compassion and dedication.

"Blooming" Photography IG: @pissoffpicasso

Here's to a 1st year of a brand New Decade/ Chapter and its now Time to Ride this Wave to Completion!

One Love,

Ol' G: Ms. Blaque Given: Tanasia

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