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Wanderlust: The Path Unfolds

Have you ever heard of the saying, "Just be, let go and let GOD handle it?" Or perhaps I butchered that, either way there's only one way out and that is through oneself. Surely you've heard of the saying "no one's going to save you" and that's the absolute truth. I never quite analyzed how everything we do in our every day lives requires an entrance and an exit like; a staircase door that will lead you up flights of stairs until you have reached the very top exit or at least to your designated stop. Now hypothetically if this unit has about twenty flights of stairs, most likely you'll have to stop a few times to take a breather. Even if you thought to yourself, "I wonder how long it would take to reach the rooftop". Whatever your visions may look like from the very top views, I'm sure you'll be glad you walked up. In most case scenarios people are wishing the elevator works to avoid walking up the stairs and may have never seen the rooftop of any high-rise building, unless perhaps there's a rooftop party happening Downtown somewhere. Either way the whole World is yours to walk, climb, jump, run, even sit back and ride all the good stuff you see fit.

As for the view from this side of town, I see a long haul vision of great wonders; and what does that look like? Well, continuous improvement and innovation throughout the process while implementing further circulation of eco-friendly materials; Along with educating others about the importance of sustainable fashion choices that impacts our lives. Embracing every direction and how I choose to utilize each day is a very simple way of expressing it. From the way I choose fabulous deals whenever its time to shop for all things essential, down to the way I choose to style my everyday sustainable apparel and accessories; meanwhile enjoying all of nature that helps with guidance along a fabulous experience.

Experience the journey over on the instagram platform where I share my lifestyle videos and photos

See you there, Peace & Love 💞

Ms. Blaque

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