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Journey to The Core

When that pop up question from a total stranger approaches you, "What do you do for a living?" How would you respond? Most times the response would entail our current employer or work position that is simply paying our bills, putting food on the table, assuring shelter and if we're lucky, possibly a trip or two just to recoop. Something I like to call, an unexpected expectational question that you may want to be prepared for because you may never know who you come across to spark that open conversation.

Rehearsing your answers for whenever that question faces you, can be quite interesting to actually learn more about yourself. When was the last time you've actually sat down and wrote out a list of things you've done within your past years? To be quite honest, a great majority of us may have forgotten all of our accomplishments within our life span; like volunteering your time to be a great help to others or just simply enjoying your crafty side because it keeps you at ease. And even down to making a great decision towards changing your eating habits for the sake of feeling more alive.

Now if the question was rephrased, "what do you LOVE to do for a living?" Would it leave a question mark stamped in the middle of your head. Back in 2012, I was invited to an intimate art function in the city (Manhattan that is) that turned into a nightlife occasion (you know) when a mentor at the time gets in my ear and says, "there goes Calvin Klein go talk to him." The first reaction was a response to him, shying away saying "I don't know what to say" even though I 100% understood the 3-5 second pitch rule. And the second reaction was telling myself, "you met a ton of celebrities before and they're all some regular a$$ people and I don't need to approach him." Sssheesh, What a way to think! Was I fearful of the "what do you do" question? Possibly! Either way it left the door open for my big cousin who also attended this event, to go and pitch to Calvin Klein instead.

When it all boils down to how to prepare yourself for those open ended questions and transforming it into an actual discussion, it really takes one to clearly innerstand themselves enough in order to verbalize why select conversations are ok to be had. In my case, I find it to be a welcoming feeling for both parties to engage, learn and possibly build relationships. I'm certain you've heard of the old saying, "its all about who you know" in which I've learned throughout the years and can honestly say it made room for more opportunities.

As a student everyday of life I am still working on sharing a multitude of things, mainly because someone always has a question regarding my creative lifestyle. So for those who question "what do you do?" Here's an open door to sharing my top 3 core values and how I express what these main things mean to me as a sustainable being.

And until the next one, as my great uncle would always say, "CIAO"

One Love, Ms. Blaque

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